Author: Robert Amann

The Sad RealityThe Sad Reality

8:47 am

Often times I have very sad cases walk through my door. These facts are common, Husband and Wife get in an argument. Wife calls police to teach a lesson to Husband. Husband is then arrested, and could get up to 11 months and 29 days in jail, He is also looking at deportation. Often times, Wife admits that no abuse happened, they just didn’t know that once you call the police, an arrest has to happen, and once the arrest happens, the court proceedings have to happen, and Immigration always gets involved. If you are in danger always call the police. However, if you are just mad and want to try and prove a point, don’t call the police. Lives are changed forever and, families are broken.

President Trump’s Travel BanPresident Trump’s Travel Ban

1:19 pm

Steve Mulroy, a law professor at the University of Memphis, wrote about President Trump’s travel ban in the Commercial Appeal. I wanted to share his points on why it might be illegal.1. Even though there is a statute (law) stating that the President can suspend “any class of aliens” there is a more recent statute (law) that states discriminating the issuing of visas on a person’s “nationality, place of birth, or place of residence.”2. One can argue “due process”, that is the affected people did not have time argue against their removal.3. It may violate “equal protection” by intentionally discriminating against Muslims.4. And a legal argument that I have not thought about, but Mr. Mulroy has, that we still have a separation of church and state in our government. You cannot favor one religion over another. Thank you Mr. Mulroy for a great article. Remember the fight goes on, just because the president writes it down, doesn’t mean its legal.

Legal Opinions – DUILegal Opinions – DUI

1:13 pm

Every week, I will dedicate a little time to give a legal opinion, or otherwise educate all clients and friends, or anybody else who is interested. This week, I wanted to write on DUI’s. There has been an increase in DUI’s. Please do no drink or drive. It is best to drink at home, or get a ride home. However, if you are stopped for DUI by a police officer law, by law you do not have to take the field sobriety test, or the breath test. Being a former police officer myself, I can assure that the purpose of these test is to gather more information that will help a DUI conviction in court. If you refuse the test, the officer may attempt to get a search warrant for a blood draw. But the officer will have to bring that evidence in front of an judge to get approved. If you get stopped for DUI, think very hard on whether you should refuse the test, and call an attorney.